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The Maharaja Organisation (Projects) Ltd. is a subsidiary of the Maharaja Organisation Limited. The Company was set up to deal with projects of a national infrastructural development nature. The Company's first major project was the Prima Flour Mill, set up in 1978 at a total cost of US$50 million and, at that time, the largest flour mill in the free world. Since then, the Company has been actively involved in numerous projects of national importance, ranging from the building of roads to dams and their attendant hydro-electric power stations.

The Maharaja Organisation (Projects) Ltd and its associate companies were set up to deal exclusively with Sri Lanka Government business on behalf of foreign principals and have been in the forefront of the Government's privatisation policy. We have today a project portfolio of over US$ 3.5 billion.

We are negotiating with prospective shareholders for the setting up of a 100% export oriented, 200,000 BPSD Petroleum Refinery project in Hambantota, Sri Lanka. The project is estimated at US$ 2.5 Billion and has obtained Government approvals including special tax concessions etc. etc. which need to be ratified.

We successfully negotiated and supplied power to the Grid, through our associate company - Euro Asia (Pvt) Ltd., 40 MW Emergency power supply (using equipment supplied by M/s Alstom Power Rentals USA) and are now negotiating the supply of additional 50 MW of Medium Term power using renewable energy sources.

Please find below details of a few of the major projects we have negotiated and obtained, among others, for internationally known companies. In addition to these we have a vast portfolio of principals for supply of equipment and services for Ceylon Petroleum Corporation, Electricity Board, Railways, Water Supply Board etc.


1. Design and construction of the Victoria Dam and Tunnel with Mls Balfour Beatty and Edmund Nuttal of UK at a cost in excess of Stg. Pds. 150 million.

2. Down Stream Canal Building with Vianini of Italy at a cost exceeding US$ 70 million.

3. Ancillary work on Mahaweli with M/s Whessoe Boving Joint Venture on electrical and engineering work exceeding US$ 60million.

4. M/s W S Atkins partnership of UK were appointed consultants to the Ministry of Housing, Construction and Local Government and to the Ministry of Highways who have obtained several contracts and consultancy fees to the value of over US$ 6 million.

5. M/s Foster Wheeler Energy Ltd of UK whom we represented, obtained contracts with the Government to train Civil Engineers and Technicians in Sri Lanka under a financing programme by the World Bank to the value of approximately US$ 50million.

6. We were instrumental in bringing about a joint venture between M/s Blue Circle of UK and the Sri Lanka Cement Corporation, the Lanka Cement Corporation, and also Lanka Cement Industries where Government owned cement plants are being managed by Blue Circle Industries on a fee profit basis.

7. M/s Ayala (Abbot & Butters) of UK whom we represented successfully completed the entire interior works for the Ramada Renaissance Hotel (now known as Trans Asia Hotel) in Colombo, at a cost of around US$ 9 million. This included a finance package lead by Scan Bank, London.

8. Negotiated on behalf of M/s Balfour Beatty of UK a joint venture to undertake major road projects in the City of Colombo together with Government owned State Engineering Corporation. Under this contract all city roads in and around Colombo were obtained on a cost plus basis.

9. Negotiated a Stg. Pds. 300 million contract to set up a Hydro Power Project in the South West part of Sri Lanka, namely the "Samanalawewa" Project. This major development project was awarded to Balfour Beatty/Kumagai Gumi joint venture with funding of UK and Japan by negotiation with Sri Lanka Government. No tender was called.
10. Acted as the agent to obtain the Rantembe Hydro Power project award to M/s Hoctief of West Germany for the Dam and Tunnel and to M/s D S Dillinger Stahlbau GMBH for the Hydro Mechanical Works. Approximate value of the project - US$ 75 million.

11. We successfully negotiated and supplied power to the Grid, through our associate company - Euro Asia (Pvt) Ltd., 40 MW Emergency power supply (using equipment supplied by M/s Alstom Power Rentals USA) and are currently negotiating the supply of additional 50 MW of Medium Term power.

12. Obtained contract for the Dredging element (US$ 25 Million) of the Colombo Katunayake Expressway project for M/s Boskalis International b.v. which was the landfill and earth works element of the project.

13. Signed a Power Purchase Agreement in 2007 for 20 MW of Diesel Power in Jaffna Peninsula for 10 years through an associate company – M/s Bounty Power Ltd.

14. Acting as Agents for Electro-Motive Diesel Inc./GM USA for the supply of 15 Nos. 2500 HP Locomotives in 2008 to the Sri Lanka Railways. Evaluation in progress

15. Obtained Licences for 100 sq. km. Of sea to perform sea sand mining for the local construction industry. Expected to mind 5 million cubic meters per annum. Environmental Impact Assessment being carried out on 2 locations in the West Coast.

16. Developing a greenfield Petroleum Refinery for export of 200,000 bpsd at a cost of US$ 2.5 Billion (including a Coker and Power Plant using residual Pet Coke).

17. In collaboration with M/s Aker Kvaerner Norway planning to enter the Oil and Gas Exploration and development phase of the Govt. of Sri Lanka.

18. Planning and developing a significant Carbon Sequestration project of international capacity ($ 800 M+) with major international players. Details will be made available once financial closure is reached.

In total The Maharaja Organisation (Projects) Ltd have a portfolio of over US$ 3.5 billion worth of contracts for our principals and ourselves within Sri Lanka with Government support which is a very significant part of Sri Lanka's development programme in the last few years.


Nimal S Cooke
Executive Director

The Maharaja Organisation (Projects) Ltd
146 Dawson Street
Colombo 2
Sri Lanka

Telephone (Mobile):
+ 94 777 444 144
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Facsimile (Office):
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