The Group Human Resources Division provides a comprehensive and professional human resource service to its Group Companies. Our mission is "to develop and promote innovative human resource strategies, policies, processes and services to lead and influence the creation and achievement of the Group's strategic goals through its people ".

Key Strategic Areas

Organisational Development and Culture Within a changing environment, the Group recognises the need for a strategy to facilitate the change process.

We therefore endeavour to develop a culture, which welcomes change as an opportunity to assess the Organisation's capability to achieve its objectives, review existing policies and practices and make positive improvements. Much emphasis is laid on structuring, motivation, leadership and team building.

Performance Effectiveness

We believe that people should perform to their optimum potential, both to achieve personal goals and meet organisational objectives. Thus, performance standards are set and agreed to with the employees through employee performance review systems. Appropriate systems are introduced to measure, monitor, review and develop effectiveness both individually and collectively.

Employment Services

We recognise that organisational objectives can only be achieved by having people with the necessary knowledge, skills and experience. Being a highly entrepreneurial organisation, we create an environment for equal opportunities without any form of discrimination and for sound and fair employment practices. Through appropriate reward and benefit schemes and management practices, the organisation is committed to creating an enterprising, team related and high quality learning environment for innovative, creative, self-motivated and results oriented people so that they could go beyond their perceived limits in achieving success and gaining recognition.

Employee Relations

Good employee relations are central to the success of our Organisation. We therefore endeavour to promote harmonious relationships amongst the people working in our Group. This we attempt to achieve through good employee relation practices such as effective communication, networking, consultation, being pro-active in identifying and resolving problems, counselling, etc.

Training & Development

We recognise that effective performance of people is vital to the Organisation's success. Our strategy is to ensure, through necessary work related exposure, training and development, for all staff to possess the necessary knowledge, skills, competencies and right attitude to perform their role effectively.

Human Resource Planning

We recognized the importance of Human Resources Planning as being central to the strategic planning process.

Through the Group Human Resources data base. manages have access to timely, accurate and appropriate information on which to base their manpower planning. Group human Resources Division provides the necessary advice and support in the decision making and planning process

Health, Safety & Welfare

We are committed to providing a safe, healthy and a caring environment to our people.

In addition to meeting the statutory requirements covering health and safety at the workplace, Managers regularly review the adequacy of systems, procedures, equipment and working practices in order to identify areas for improvement. The necessary training and guidance is provided by specialists to update and maintain high standards of health and safety at all work locations.


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The Capital Maharaja Organisation Limited is the largest privately held group of companies in Sri Lanka. Currently it comprises over 20 operating companies in diverse fields of industry.

However, career opportunities are not restricted to an individual company within the Group. Individuals maybe - and are - transferred between Group companies dependant on their skills and capabilities.

Working with The Capital Maharaja Organisation is an opportunity to develop multi-faceted skills as well as to obtain multi-dimensional work experiences.

The people who work for The Capital Maharaja Group of Companies are considered partners in the development, growth and success of its activities. The Group seeks to provide leadership to its people and so ensure that corporate objectives are met and individual and team performances are recognized. Consequently, the Group's culture, policies, practices and systems are aimed at creating an environment for teamwork and harnessing the talents and capabilities of its people to the objective of providing quality products and services.